Portfolio company of Climate Investment, founded by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI).

We reduce methane and other GHG emissions from the energy sector accelerating global decarbonization.

total impact TO DATE:

- 10 million tons of CO2e

Total carbon finance generated TO DATE:

~ 107 million EUROs

Founded in Norway | Operating Worldwide

Founded in Norway

Operating Worldwide

Where we operate

Project development and emission reduction monetization in more than 20 countries.
Current focus: the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa (2021–2026)

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Ongoing project work.


Projects expected to be commissioned.


Projects expected to be comissioned in 2023.


Consultancy assignments since 2007 focusing on flare reduction and climate change.


Oslo headquarters.


Work on flare reduction and CDM and offsets since 2005. Offices in Lagos since 2011.


Since 2016 part of Norwegian – Iraqi bilateral coop on oil sector management with focus on flare reduction and climate and carbon finance for projects.