Portfolio company of Climate Investment, founded by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI).

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Carbon Credits


Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Carbon Credits


ICA-Finance is growing rapidly and therefore is seeking an accomplished financial leader, preferably from the Oil & Gas sector, to join our highly experienced team. As CFO, you will be primarily responsible, together with your team, for leading, analysing and developing our ongoing financial strategy.

This dynamic leader should possess a strong understanding of current accounting practices (international a plus) as well as have solid experience with both raising capital and project finance (preferably at the fund level).  You will be expected to roll up your sleeves daily to find solutions to complex problems,both short term and long term.  ICA-Finance operates globally, predominately within emerging and developing markets, and therefore this individual must be comfortable and adroit with both negotiating and working seamlessly alongside individuals/companies whose cultural norms and customs may differ dramatically from ours.

ICA-Finance is an investment firm based in Oslo, Norway with a team of experts encompassing decades of experience in project management and development within the Oil& Gas and energy sectors.  We work in partnership with National Oil Companies (NOCs) as well as independent oil producers to realize scalable emission reductions that can be achieved rapidly. The company was founded in 2021 as a result of a de-merger from Carbon Limits AS.

Our mission is “immediate climate action through the elimination of financial barriers” with a focus on methane- and flare reduction projects within emerging economies. ICA-Finance currently develops and leads several methane- and flare abatement projects across multiple countries including Nigeria, Azerbaijan,Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The opportunities for emission reductions in these countries are significant, but they face considerable financial barriers that we solve through risk-based project financing.

ICA-Finance provides end-to-end project management and development including emission-reduction identification, assessment, validation, financing, implementation, monitoring,reporting, and verification, as well as selling the projects’ emission reductions into carbon markets.  We leverage our broad international network of partners and directly manage all activities throughout the entire project cycle.

To date, our total impact equates to approximately 9.2 million tons of CO2e removed from the atmosphere and 70 million euros of carbon-credit finance generated.  Between 2022 to 2030, ICA-Finance plans to attain a total emission-reduction equivalent of more than 61.4 million tCO2e.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive the overall financial strategy to manage all aspects of planning, budgeting, reporting as well as ongoing cash management.  
  • Ensure, through appropriate risk management and analysis, an optimized capital structure both at the project level as well as firm level.
  • Develop the strategy and execution plan of investing CAPEX into select emission-reduction projects (and to include identifying outside capital sources [debt/equity] as well as potentially setting up a fund to manage a portfolio of ongoing projects programmatically).  
  • Lead financial staff, develop/manage financial processes,incorporate appropriate financial systems as well as implement other requisite work flows to ascertain that we develop a rock-solid corporate culture which continually exercises daily fiscal prudence.
  • Manage, guide, and implement all aspects of our Compliance Policy (including reporting, serving on the firm´s Compliance Committee,performing KYC/due-diligence procedures, etc.).


  • Minimum 10+ years (5+ years within senior leadership roles) working within finance, preferably within investment banking,fund management, or similar.
  • International financial work experience required,ideally also with overseas JVs.
  • Master´s degree in finance, accounting,economics, corporate finance, or a relevant field.
  • Experience with raising capital as well as, preferably,developing and/or managing a fund.
  • Strong leadership, management and interpersonal skills, and especially under challenging circumstances.  The ability to work professionally and diplomatically with others from disparate backgrounds and cultures is a must.  
  • Rock-solid work ethic, and with integrity,morals, and character beyond reproach.  
  • Highly analytical, goal-oriented, self-reliant,team player, pragmatic and strong financial strategic thinker.
  • Must be willing to pro-actively and continually self-teach oneself new knowledge and skills as required.

Please note that the position is based in Oslo, Norway;hence, international applicants need to hold the right to work in the country or be able and willing to obtain the relevant working visa or permit.

Website: ica-finance.com

Email: contact@ica-finance.com  

Phone: +47 934 36 062

Address: Munkedamsveien 3B, 0161 Oslo, Norway.